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The Treatment of Metabolic Disease is Evolving

Be Part of the Change

People with chronic illnesses need to make more decisions about their health on a day-to-day basis.  It is simply illogical to meet with your healthcare provider every few months when ongoing habits can be detrimental to your treatment. 
Sustain Health aligns with the realities of real-life and we provide unlimited support during enrollment and beyond


While each plan is individualized and tailor-fitted, a standard of care is utilized as we believe these are the key points to ensure success for all patients. 


Included in all plans: 

  • Free consultation to ensure you are matched with the right clinical team

  • In-depth review of medical history 

  • Biomarker tracking devices*

  • Coaching support and physician follow up

  • Exercise guidance 

  • Food and meal suggestions and ideas

Upon completion of any program, graduates are entitled to: 

  • Free biannual physician follow-ups forever (as desired) 

  • Access to a-la-carte services 

  • Discounted rates on future programs and workshops 

  • Refer a Friend Program Rewards 

Education and Accountability

We ensure that each recommendation we make is based on founded principles.  Education plays an imperative role in our program as we want you to understand why we recommend our methods. Knowledge and understanding are essential in empowering you to be your own coach in the future.  Our physicians design personalized plans and your coaching team provides accountability and ongoing support. Together, we all ensure your health is improved in a safe and sustainable manner. 

Exercise Programs and Equpiment 

We believe in the power of movement. While some of our patients will benefit from a more rigorous gym-based plan, we encourage any movement to be enjoyable and realistic. 

Resistance training is critical to healthy ageing so part of our premium package includes daily exercises that can be performed with our provided equipment. 

Your coach will be your support person to ensure your exercise targets are being met and will make any modifications as needed. 

Meal Plans and Shopping list 

"Eat healthier" is always a goal people have. The question then becomes, what is healthy and is it the same for everybody? We help navigate the plethora of food advice out there because we know, not all palates or needs are alike.  Your food preferences are always taken into consideration and we focus on giving you enough options to keep meals sensible.  We also believe that NOT every meal needs to be Micheline star-inspired, but we value teaching how to make simple, delicious, healthy, and fast meals.  If you are cooking for more than one person, we help with options and modifications to satisfy everyone.

Safe Medication Review 

The majority of our patients have been prescribed medications to manage symptoms of chronic illnesses. We strive to support your healing through safe and responsible medication reduction through our pillars of health. 

While we believe that health care should start with lifestyle intervention, we also do not shun developments made in health care and know there is a proper place for medication. 

Biomarker interpretation 

Everything is data. We believe in personalizing each and every program.  Blanket statements are not our way so we want to show you exactly how YOUR body responds to our methods. With this, we provide you with the tools and knowledge to see what works for you. 

Workshops and Seminars

Our clinic services extend to many areas of your life. We aim to offer seminars to enrich your life and further educate our patients.  Cooking, exercise, movement and lifestyle workshops are a few that are in the works!

Pantry Staples**

Exclusive to our premier patients, we offer a selection of low-carb pantry staples, not once but twice during your enrollment.  The goal is to give you options to modify recipes and introduce you to items that may fly under the radar. 

These selections may vary by season, but we ensure these items can be found locally.